Google Cloud Interconnect is a connectivity option offered as part of the Google Cloud Platform to allow companies who leverage GCP to establish dedicated, private connectivity to their GCP deployments. Connectivity via GCI is both Layer 2 and Layer 3, meaning customers set up a layer 2 network connection via GCI and use BGP peering to establish dynamic routing between their physical environments and GCP.

The benefits of Google Cloud Interconnect include:


  • Private connectivity offering security enhancements
  • More predictable performance with lower latency and jitter than connecting over the Internet
  • Cost savings on egress traffic from your GCP environment
  • Higher supported throughput

Partner Interconnect

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is a specific kind of Cloud Interconnect that is designed to provide connectivity between your on-premises network and your GCP environment through a supported service provider such as Pureport. A Partner Interconnect connection is useful if your data center is in a physical location that can't reach a Dedicated Interconnect facility or for customers whose data needs don't warrant an entire 10 Gbps connection.

Pureport maintains redundant, high-speed physical connections to Google's network and make them available for our customers to create fully redundant, isolated, private connectivity into their Google Cloud Platform environments. Pureport further simplifies the GCI configuration and management by automatically configuring BGP routing and ensuring a highly available deployment on behalf of our customers.

Pureport also allows customers to create multi-cloud networks connecting not only their GCP environments but also environments deployed into other cloud provider's networks, providing a fully meshed, any-to-any network topology with minimal need for BGP configuration and management experience.

Key Concepts

The following terms and concepts will help ensure a thorough understanding of how Google Cloud Interconnect and Pureport work together.

Interconnect location - Pureport's Interconnect locations are cities where Pureport connects to Google's network. When connecting to a VPC, you'll need to choose a location where your traffic enters Google's network. Each location supports a subset of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions. These supported regions are where you can connect to your Cloud Routers and associated VLAN attachments. For example, if you choose the Ashburn location, you can reach all of the North American regions, such as us-east1 and us-west1. 

Cloud Router - a dynamic, virtual router in the GCP network used to dynamically exchange routes between your VPC network and your Pureport Network via BGP. You can create a new Cloud Router when building a a VLAN attachment, or use an existing Cloud Router in the VPC network and region that you want to connect to. Cloud Router advertises subnets in its VPC network and propagates learned routes to those subnets. Pureport provides the layer 3 BGP peering between your Pureport Network and the GCP Cloud Router. For more information about the GCP Cloud Router, see the overview in the Cloud Router documentation. 

Dynamic routing mode - The dynamic routing mode of a VPC network determines which subnets are visible to Cloud Routers. You can set the dynamic routing mode to be global or regional: With global dynamic routing, a Cloud Router advertises all subnets in the VPC network to the on-premises router. Cloud Router propagates learned routes from the on-premises router to all regions. With regional dynamic routing, a Cloud Router advertises and propagates routes in its local region. For more information see Google's documentation on the Cloud Router.

VLAN attachment - a virtual point-to-point connection between your Pureport Network and a single region in a VPC network. To set up Interconnect connectivity with Pureport, you first use the GCP console to create a VLAN attachment in your GCP project.

Pairing Key - a unique identifier generated during the creation of a VLAN attachment. You use the Pairing Key pairing key when building a GCI Connection in the Pureport Console. Pureport uses the pairing key, along with your requested connection location and capacity, to complete the configuration of your VLAN attachment.

Billing with Partner Interconnect

When using Pureport to connect to GCI over partner Interconnect, Google will bill you directly for the Interconnect fees and for any egress bandwidth. Pureport only charges for the Connection to your Pureport Network and any long-haul fees you may incur. Google Cloud Interconnect pricing is listed here - be sure to scroll down to the Partner Interconnect section.