AWS Direct Connect is a private connectivity option offered as part of the AWS cloud platform to allow companies who use AWS to establish dedicated, private connectivity to their AWS environments and services. Connectivity via Direct Connect is both Layer 2 and Layer 3, meaning customers set up a layer 2 connection via Direct Connect and then use BGP peering to establish dynamic routing between their physical environments and AWS.

The benefits of AWS Direct Connect include:

  • Private connectivity offering security enhancements
  • More predictable performance with lower latency and jitter than connecting over the Internet
  • Cost savings on egress traffic from your AWS environment
  • Higher supported throughput

Hosted Connection

A Direct Connect Hosted Connection allows AWS customers to connect via a service provider like Pureport. A hosted connection is useful if your data center is in a physical location that cannot reach a dedicated interconnection facility or for customers whose data needs don't warrant a full 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection.

Pureport maintains redundant, high-speed physical connections to AWS and makes them available to our customers to create fully redundant, isolated, private connectivity into their AWS environments and further simplifies the configuration and management by automatically configuring BGP peering and ensuring a highly available deployment on behalf of our customers.

Pureport also allows customers to create multi-cloud networks privately connecting AWS assets to environments deployed in other cloud providers' networks, providing a fully meshed, any-to-any network topology with minimal needs for network configuration and management experience.

Key Concepts

The following terms and concepts will help ensure a thorough understanding of how AWS Direct Connect and Pureport work together.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you've defined. This virtual network closely resembles a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data center, with the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of AWS.

Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) - a private virtual router connected to a VPC for the purpose of connecting to a Direct Connect Private Virtual Interface (VIF) or VPN. Peering with a VGW is done via the BGP routing protocol.

Direct Connect Gateway - a private virtual router which allows users to connect one or more Direct Connect Private Virtual Interfaces (VIFs) to one or more VPCs in one or more regions. Note: The Direct Connect Gateway does not allow for VPC-to-VPC or VIF-to-VIF communication, nor for connecting to a VPC in a different account. for more information see the AWS page describing the Direct Connect Gateway.

Private Virtual Interface (VIF) - a connection from an AWS Direct Connect circuit that may be attached to a VGW or to a Direct Connect Gateway to facilitate private connectivity between VPCs and environments external to AWS (eg: customer premises). Private VIFs do not facilitate connectivity to public-facing services such as AWS S3 storage.

Public Virtual Interface (VIF) - a connection from an AWS Direct Connect circuit that facilitates private connectivity between AWS public-facing services (such as S3 storage).

Billing with Direct Connect Hosted Connections

When using Pureport to connect to AWS via a Hosted Connection, AWS will bill you directly for the Direct Connect fees and for any egress bandwidth via the Direct Connect circuit. Pureport only charges for the Connection to your Pureport Network and any long-haul fees you may incur between Pureport locations. AWS Direct Connect pricing is listed here.