You can test latency between your customer premises site and the Pureport platform by pinging the test IP address of the Pureport location you want to connect with. Please note that these test IPs are provided only as a target for testing from your customer premises location or from a cloud to which Pureport does not currently offer direct, private connectivity (ie: pinging these IP addresses from an AWS VPC will NOT reflect expected latency when using the Pureport platform to connect via DirectConnect to your VPC).

Information gathered from this latency test can help determine the best Pureport location to choose as a VPN gateway to connect your customer premises environment to your Pureport network.

Pureport Location

IP Address

Washington, DC

Silicon Valley, CA

Seattle, WA

Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL

If you already have a VPN connection configured on the Pureport platform, you can also ping one or both of the Pureport IP addresses assigned to your gateways: