Before you begin

Before deleting a connection from Pureport to AWS Direct Connect, you must remove any Virtual Interfaces (VIFs) you may have created on the AWS side of the connection. 

If you have any active VIF (such as a public VIF, a VIF connected to a Direct Connect Gateway, or a VIF directly connected to a VPC via VGW) you will not be able to delete the connection on the Pureport side. You will receive the following error message and the connection state will change to Failed to Delete.

Delete any active VIFs on the AWS side

To delete the connection, log into the AWS console and remove any VIFs connected to the circuit.

  1. Log into the AWS Console and navigate to AWS Direct Connect.

  2. Click Virtual Interfaces to display all active VIFs:

  3. Select the VIFs associated with the Direct Connect connections to delete.
    Note: Deletion is permanent. Do not select any VIFs on other circuits that you wish to maintain. VIFs accidentally deleted must be re-crated manually.

  4. To confirm the deletion, type the word Delete.

    It may take several minutes to delete the selected VIFs. After the selected VIFs change to Deleted state, you can log into the Pureport console and delete the connection.

Delete the connection in the Pureport Console

You can now delete the connection in the Pureport console.

  1. Log into the Pureport console.

  2. Click the Delete icon for the the connection to delete:

  3. The system prompts for confirmation. Click Ok.

Important: If you accidentally delete the connection before removing the VIFs from the AWS side, it will remain up and working but the Pureport console will show it in a "Failed to delete" status. If you and want to keep the connection instead of deleting it, open a ticket to have Pureport manually reset the state and recover full functionality. In the meantime the routing gateway will continue to operate normally but any changes to NAT settings will not take effect.