Before you begin

Deleting a connection from Pureport to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via Cloud Interconnect involves two steps:

  1. Use the Pureport console to delete the connection. This also triggers an API call to GCP to delete the Cloud Interconnect circuits and VLANs.
  2. Use the GCP console to clean up the now-defunct Interconnects and, if desired, the Cloud Routers.

Deleting the connection on the Pureport side

To delete the connection:

  1. Log into the Pureport Console and navigate to the appropriate network and connection.

  2. Click the Delete icon for the connection to delete.

  3. The system prompts for confirmation. Click OK.

The Pureport platform will make several API calls to GCP to delete the Interconnect circuits. This may take several minutes to complete.

Cleaning up the GCP side

After deleting the Interconnects, the VLAN attachments will remain in the GCP console with a Status of Defunct. They are unusable and should be cleaned up.

  1. Log into the GCP console and navigate to Network > Hybrid Connectivity > Interconnect:

  2. The defunct VLAN attachments are shown with Status = Defunct. These cannot be re-used and should be removed by using DeleteĀ from the Actions menu:

  3. The system prompts for confirmation. Click Delete:

  4. Repeat for the second/redundant VLAN, if used.

  5. You may also wish to delete the Cloud Routers you used to terminate these Interconnects if they are no longer used for other connections.
    To do so, click Hybrid Connectivity > Cloud Routers, select the unused Cloud Routers and click DeleteĀ at the top of the screen:

  6. The system prompts for confirmation. Click Delete: