Oracle FastConnect is a private connectivity option offered as part of the Oracle cloud platform. It allows companies who use Oracle Cloud to establish dedicated, private connectivity to their OCI environments and services. Connectivity via FastConnect is both Layer 2 and Layer 3; customers set up a layer 2 connection via FastConnect and then use BGP peering to establish dynamic routing between their physical environments and OCI.

The benefits of FastConnect include:

  • Private connectivity with enhanced security
  • More predictable performance with lower latency and jitter (compared to connecting over the Internet)
  • Cost savings on egress traffic from your OCI environment
  • Higher supported throughput

Key Concepts

You should be aware of the following terms and concepts to understand how Oracle FastConnect and Pureport work together.

Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN): Enables you to launch Oracle IaaS resources into a virtual network that you've defined. This virtual network resembles a traditional network that you would operate in your own data center, but includes the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of OCI.

Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG): A private virtual router connected to a VCN for the purpose of connecting to a FastConnect circuit. Peering with a DRG is established via the BGP routing protocol. You can also connect DRGs to connect to an OCI-native IPSEC VPN.

Virtual Circuit : A private network connection between FastConnect and your Oracle Cloud environment. Oracle FastConnect supports two types of Virtual Circuits:

  • Private: Connecting to your Oracle VCN using its native private (RFC1918) IP space via FastConnect
  • Public: Connecting to Oracle's public-facing services (such as Oracle Storage, Block Storage, and so on) via FastConnect

Billing with FastConnect

When using Pureport to connect to OCI via FastConnect, Oracle bills you directly for the FastcConnect fees. For  pricing information, see the Oracle FastConnect pricing page.

Pureport only charges for the Connection to your Pureport Network and any long-haul fees you may incur between Pureport locations.