Network Search Update

As of the release on November 11th 2019, a new Account Search function has been added to the Console, allowing you to search for accounts by name and replacing the legacy account drop down menu.  This update allows for users with access to multiple accounts and child accounts to access them more efficiently.

How can I access the account search feature?

You can find this search function by clicking on your account name in the top right hand corner of your Console.

What is shown in the drop down?

You will automatically be presented with the last 10 recently accessed accounts and up to 10 child accounts under the currently loaded account.  If you have not accessed any accounts others, no accounts will be presented.

How can I see ALL of the networks I have access too?

Users can enter a wildcard to view all accounts your user has access too.  To load one of the accounts, simply click it from the drop down list. This wildcard character is the asterisk or star key - *

How do I find a network I need to access?

If you have been assigned access to an account or child account, simply start typing the name of the account in the search box.  Once the appropriate account has been found, click it to load into that account.

I am in a child account and need to access the parent account, how do I do this?

You can access your parent account by simply clicking the drop-down and selecting your parent account.

Wait, what account am I in right now?

When you first log into the console, the current account is displayed in the upper right corner as shown in the first part of this article. However, once you click on the drop-down, you no longer see the current account. To display the current account again, click the "X" to close the search box.