Physical ports can be used to connect to a Pureport network for customers who are physically in one of the Pureport-Enabled data centers or customers who opt to contract for private line (Metro E, etc) to connect from customer premises to Pureport. Adding a port to your Pureport account and network is a two step process and typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

To begin the port or ports will need to be provisioned to your account.  This is the process in which the port is physically provisioned, an LOA is issued and can be downloaded from the console, and port connectivity is enabled.  Since the port is created at an account level, it can be used in multiple networks and even be configured to be shared with child accounts and assigned different VLANs for each child / network. Provisioning a port or pair of ports is covered in Provisioning Physical Ports.

Once the physical port or ports have been provisioned and enabled on the account, they can then be connected to one or more Pureport networks. Like all Pureport connections, Port Connections include one or two virtual routers which allow it to participate in the network.  Ports can be used on multiple networks if desired as long as different VLAN IDs are used for each network. Provisioning Port Connections is covered in Connecting a Port to a Network.

Note: If procuring private line from your premises to a Pureport-enabled facility, please be sure to ask your network provider procure and include a cross-connect for each circuit to attach to your Pureport port.

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