To provision one or more physical ports, you must have:

  • A Pureport Account with permissions to create Ports, Networks and Connections
  • If connecting from an location that is not On-Net with Pureport, Private Lines should be provisioned prior to setup.

Note: If you desire high availability and plan to procure two circuits or cross-connects from your environment to Pureport, you will need to complete this process twice, once for the primary and once for the secondary network path. Reference the Availability Domain step (step 7) below for details.

Provisioning the Port(s)

  1. Login to the Pureport Console Page

  2. Navigate to Ports on the left hand Navigation Bar  

  3. Click “+” located in the top right hand corner of the Ports screen. This will start the process to provision a new port.

  4. Select the Facility you are wishing to connect your port from by selecting the location from the drop-down field or by sorting by the facility location name.  This field is searchable so you can type the city, state abbreviation, or data center provider you're looking for to filter the list.

    Note: This will be the site your Data Center is Co-located at that you wish to connect to a Pureport network.  If you are provisioning Private Line to one of the Pureport POP's, select the POP location your Private Line has been provisioned too to connect to our platform.
  5. Select Speed for your port connection.  
    Note: Each facility will display different connectivity links based on availability.
  6. Select the Media Type for your port connectivity.  
    Note: Each Facility will display different media types based on the availability.
  7. Select the Availability Domain for you connection. These values are Aliased as Primary and Secondary for your management convenience, they are simply mapped to separate domains for HA purposes. In order to deploy a pair of ports in an HA fashion, you will need to provision one port in the Primary domain and one in the Secondary domain to ensure that they terminate on separate physical switches and that they take advantage of diverse network paths.
    Note: Availability of each domain is based on availability at the Facility at the time of provisioning.  You may only be able to select one domain at a Facility at a given time.

  8. Select the Billing Terms for your port connections. Please note that if 1 or 2 years is chosen you are agreeing to pay for this port for the entire term.
  9. Enter a Name and Description for your Port connection.
    • Be sure to enter a LOA Customer Name that matches the customer Name of your private network.  This will be used to generate an Letter Of Authorization for you to provide to your Data Center Facility to provision Cross-Connects.
    • If you intend on creating and using child accounts on your account and allowing these child accounts to leverage this port in their configurations, select “Available to Child Accounts”.
  10. Click the Save Icon in the top right corner to save your configuration and Provision the newly created port.
  11. You will now see your Ports listed on your screen.  To access your LOA, Click on the Paper icon for the associated port.

Next Steps

Now that your port has been provisioned you may connect it to a Pureport network, as detailed in 

Connecting a Port to a Network.