The Silver Peak SD-WAN connection type allows users to rapidly provision a Silver Peak virtual appliance on the Pureport Infrastructure to allow for a quick and simple private cloud on-ramp available to existing Silver Peak SD-WAN infrastructures.  The setup consists of a Silver Peak virtual appliance and private cloud connections to the desired cloud vendors.  In this document we will review the process needed to configure the Silver Peak appliance and connection.  Details pertaining to cloud access can be found on our Knowledge Base for the respective Cloud Vendor.


Prior to getting started you will need to have the following items available and readily accessible:

  • An existing Silver Peak Edge Connect SD-WAN network
  • A Silver Peak Edge Connect License to be applied to the new instance
  • Administrative access to your Silver Peak Orchestrator
  • Your Silver Peak Account Name and Key
  • Pureport Network and account with permissions to provision new connections


Provisioning your Silver Peak SD-WAN Appliance


Pureport has made the process of provisioning a Silver Peak connection quick and simple.  To provision your connection and appliance. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Pureport Account

  2. Navigate to your Pureport Network
  3. Click on the “+Add Connection…” button located in the top right hand corner.

  4. Under the Connection Type, Select “Silver Peak”

  5. Chose the desired location and deployment speed you wish to provision your connection at from the drop down and click next.

  6. In the SD-WAN Info screen, Enter in your Silver Peak Account Name, Silver Peak Account Key, and a desired Administrative Password for the appliance (Note: if no password is provided, one will be automatically generated for you).  Select Next

  7. Enter in the Desired BGP ASN you wish for the Silver Peak appliance to operate with.  This ASN will be used in the device configuration to establish BGP peering with the Pureport network. Select Next.

  8. Since we will be using BGP and not configuring NAT, click next using the defaults for both the Customer Networks and Nat Configuration.
  9. Enter a Name and Description for you new Silver Peak connection and click “Add Connection”
    Note: The completion of Automation steps and turn up of the appliance can take up to 5 minutes after the device reflects Provisioned in the Console.

  10.  Once Automation has completed, your Silver Peak Orchestrator will notify you that a new device has been found. Accept the appliance to join it to your Silver Peak SD-WAN infrastructure.

  11. The Orchestrator will walk you through the steps needed to upload your Business Intent Overlays and basic configuration.
    Note: We will be configuring the deployment model and BGP in the next steps, use the defaults to setup the appliance via the wizard, do not attempt to provision the deployment model from an existing template at this point.

Configuring the appliance

Now that the Virtual SD-WAN appliance has been provisioned, there are some basic configurations that need to be done on the appliance to leverage the Pureport infrastructure.  These next steps will walk you through the basic configuration needed to get working.

Deployment configuration

Your virtual appliance will be provisioned with the lan0 and wan0 interfaces already mapped to the appropriate MAC address and IP address.  You will now need to setup the Appliance in Router mode.

  1. Select Deployment from the Appliance Drop Down in the Orchestrator
  2. Configure the Deployment Model using the following settings, apply and restart the appliance:
    • Select add LAN interface and choose lan0 for the interface.  
    • Enter the next hop IP address and IP/Mask for the lan0 interface.  This will be the Pureport IP (which can be found in the console under the BGP configuration section).
    • Set the wan0 capacity to 1000000.
    • Enable the O firewall on the wan0 interface

BGP Configuration

  1. Log into the appliance via the Orchestrator

  2. Select BGP from the Configuration Drop down menu.

  3. Click the slider to enable the BGP service on the Silver Peak Appliance.

  4. Configure the Global BGP settings using the following settings
    • Enter the ASN entered in the Pureport Console at the time of setup.
    • Enter the Router ID, set this to be the Silver Peak IP address (this can be found in the Pureport Console under the BGP configuration section).
    • Check the box to enable the graceful restart and AS Path Propagate options

  5. Select Add under the BGP Peers section.

  6. Enter the the following details to establish the BGP connection
    Peer IP<Pureport IP>Available in the Pureport Console
    Local Interfacelan0
    Remote ASN<Pureport ASN>Available in the Pureport Console
    TypeBranchBranch must be used to allow route propagation on the SD-WAN fabric
    Inbound Route Mapdefault_rtmap_branchDefault Branch Route Map
    Outbound Route Mapdefault_rtmap_branchDefault Branch Route Map
    Next Hop Selfunchecked

    Keep Alive Timer30Default Values
    Hold Timer90Default Values
  7. After a few minute you should see the peer show an Established State

  8. Next Navigate to Routes from the Configuration drop down menu.
  9. Check the box to automatically advertise local LAN subnets.

  10. Click the Pencil Icon nest to the Redistribute routes to SD-WAN Fabric to edit the route map.
  11. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the Source Protocol BGP rule and check the box to Permit it and save your updates

  12. You should now see your BGP learned routes propagated on your SD-WAN fabric.

 Next Steps

Now that your connectivity and BGP has been setup, you will be able to fully manage the configuration of the appliance from your Silver Peak Orchestrator.  As BGP has been enabled, any cloud connections that are provisioned on the Pureport network will be propagated to the Silver Peak appliance and available for use on the SD-WAN fabric.