Pureport's Site Connect VPN gives you a way to connect on-premises workloads to your Pureport network quickly and easily, without having to wait weeks or months for a private line. Using Site Connect VPN, you can connect one or more customer premises locations to your Pureport network and join the full mesh, Layer 3 network topology to access one or more cloud environments as well as any other customer premises locations that are connected to the network.

How it's different

Unlike connecting directly to your cloud environment via VPN, Site Connect allows you to get up and running immediately with the cloud providers' native private connectivity solutions, including AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, and Oracle FastConnect. These offerings provide better, more consistent performance as well as cost savings on egress data. More importantly, with Pureport you can use the same VPN tunnel to connect to all of your clouds and all of your other customer premises locations, or any other environment that can support an IPSEC tunnel.


We've tested with many major platforms to ensure cross-platform as well as backward compatibility, including support for IKE v1 and IKE v2, and have a full implementation including modern strong encryption technologies like elliptical curve as well as including support for older, known-vulnerable methods to keep you from having to rip and replace older gear. See our main Web site at https://pureport.com/services/site-connect-vpn/ for more information on technical specs.

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